The H is Silent: An Overdue Visit to Public

September 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last night, I caught up with two friends, Emily and Alison, over dinner at Public. Thanks to Alison’s reservation through Village Vines we had a 25% discount which never hurts. I’ve known about Public for a while now, including its AvroKO design and Michelin star, so I felt like a visit was long overdue. After perusing the menu for quite a while, we eventually decided the best strategy would be to share several appetizers, entrees and sides to sample what our server recommended as their signature dishes. We also shared a bottle of L’Ecole No. 41 Semillon, which was perfectly refreshing and crisp on what may have been our last day of summer weather.

Below, a quick rundown of what we ordered. Public also makes three homemade breads each day for its breadbasket. Last night’s lemon rosemary foccacia was fantastic. The atmosphere and service added to the experience and emanated the feel of NoLita. A few tables outside looked particularly appealing for future visits.

Salad of herby lentils, green beans, avocado, toasted pecans and baby gem with pomegranate molasses and avocado oil vinaigrette
This salad was packed with well-balanced flavors and textures, with perfectly cooked lentils. Our Australian waiter even pronounced the h in herby (which Rupert insists is the only correct pronunciation) making this even more authentic shout out to the Aussie & New Zealand influences on the global menu.

Grilled scallops with sweet chili sauce, crème fraiche and green plantain crisps
I loved this preparation, particularly the incorporation of sweet chili sauce

Roast lamb sirloin on crispy goats cheese polenta with saffron braised baby vegetables and harissa aioli
Lovely presentation and nicely cooked lamb. The saffron and harissa added a nice touch of spice.

Pan-seared Tasmanian sea trout on a salad of fennel, green apple and pistachio with preserved lemon yogurt and fennel pollen
The sea trout was cooked perfectly and reminiscent of arctic char. The salad beneath was the perfect accompaniment. While I am not a huge fennel fan, it was incorporated perfectly in this dish without being overwhelming.

Watermelon, feta and basil salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and shichimi
Seems to be the omnipresent, trendy salad of summer. This was very simple dish of quality ingredients and a nice, refreshing combo of salty and sweet.

Too full for dessert, we still managed to find room for 16 Handles on our walk home. I hope to swing by again soon for brunch as that menu looks delicious and reaches a bit beyond the typical brunch line up. For the moment, I suggest anyone take advantage of the Village Vines offer, valid Sunday through Wednesday evenings, before it expires on October 6th.


§ One Response to The H is Silent: An Overdue Visit to Public

  • Ms. E says:

    It’s 7:35 a.m., I’ve had breakfast, and now I’m hungry again, thanks to your tasty descriptions of all things food! I hadn’t seen your blog before; I was surprised and delighted that you included some of my favorite chattanooga places, and I was particularly happy to see a photo of Rupert! Take care!

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