Weekend Wrap Up

September 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

This weekend, my mom and sister were in town to celebrate both of their birthdays – slightly belatedly – and enjoy our “fall” weather. We had a great weekend complete with fantastic food, a co-ed soccer game (my soccer debut), a Brooklyn housewarming party featuring an Indian feast, Wicked, and of course some requisite shopping. Here are a few highlights from the weekend eats:

After our first visit a few months ago, I was eager to bring my family back to experience one of my new Italian favorites. The folks at L’Artusi went over the top to make it a fabulous dinner and we had the opportunity to sample many things we had not ordered on our previous visit. Of the vast array of dishes we all shared, the highlights this time around were the fresh ricotta cheese with buttermilk crackers, the hanger steak with crispy potatoes with salsa bianca, and the brussel sprouts, which were roasted to crispy, nearly burnt perfection. This time, dessert was a must, and the olive oil cake with raisin marmelatta, vin santo and creme fraiche mousse was incredibly airy and moist, and the coconut semifreddo with figs was simply out of this world.

City Bakery
For breakfast on Saturday morning, we opted to pick up some pastries to enjoy on Rupert’s roof deck and serve as fuel for our soccer exploits later in the day. While the signature pretzel croissant is always a winner, the standout this time around was a pear and candied ginger corn muffin, the perfect balance of savory, sweet and spice. We also tried the maple bacon scone which was also unique savory/sweet combo. In my opinion, City Bakery offers some of the best iced coffee in the city, so that was also enjoyed. Had it been winter, the hot chocolate would have been requisite as well.

Sunday brunch was a special request of our guests, who had been to Pulino’s on their last visit just after it opened. The order never changes now that Rupert and I have zoomed in on our two favorites: the ottima and hte patate. The ottima features the crackly Roman crust with blobs of ricotta, blueberry jam and peices of crisp bacon. Some may question if this combo “works” but I am here to tell you it goes way beyond working, taking breakfast pizza to a new level. Run, don’t walk. The patate, on the savory side, features potato, sausage, mozzarella, fontina and green onions with two baked eggs on top. For the ingredient lineup it is surprising light. About one slice in to our brunch, I managed to dump half a latte all over our table, pizza, my lap, etc, and I have to thank our fantastic server for replacing the pizza and latte without charging us. Those who know me know that I have a proclivity for spilling, but this was definitely one of my more disastrous incidents.

Momofuku Milk Bar
Of course, no trip to New York would be complete for my sister without a stop at Momofuku Milk Bar. She stocked up on compost cookies for her friends back home and we sampled the Ants on a Log soft serve. One of the crazier combos they’ve made, but I have to admit they nailed the celery and PB flavor…it was authentic if not a bit bizarre. Apparently pumpkin cheesecake is up next on their flavor rotation. I’ll definitely be stopping by that one!


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