A Round Up of Recent Favorites

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

After a few weeks of being out of blogging mode, I thought it was high time to call out a few of my current favorites at home, in the neighborhood and beyond.

At home, I’ve been trying to take advantage of late summer produce before fall settles in on us. As much as I love trying new recipes, there are always some that become so attached to that I return to them again and again. Here are a few that always prove to be crowd pleasers and are relatively easy to pull together with impressive results.

Rosy ChickenĀ 
via Food52

After many years of cooking dry, uninspiring boneless, skinless chicken breasts, I eventually began overlooking chicken when choosing protiens at the grocery store. Only recently have I realized the best cuts of chicken are those that include bones, skin and all. This recipe embodies summer to me as it involves rose and fresh beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Even better, it cooks itself for the most part making it a great dish to serve for company as it doesn’t involve much last minute attention. The pan sauce is addictive, and I’ve found that cous cous is the perfect medium for sopping it up

Tomato-Ricotta Tart
via Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food

As an intern the test kitchen at Everyday Food shortly after the magazine’s launch, I had the opportunity to cook and eat through three to four issues of the magazine. These recipes are still some of my most tried and true and a fond memory of that incredible experience. That summer I came to appreciate simple but reliable recipes that consistently yielded impressive and delicious results. This recipe in particular still ranks in my top five from my time there. Instead of the breadcrumb crust, I often make a savory pie crust which I think is a nice variation.

Milk Chocolate Pots-de-Creme
via Food & Wine

We have a dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate difference of opinions in our apartment, so this dessert is the perfect way to satisfy both parties. The milk chocolate is surprisingly intense and rich in this simple but elegant dessert. Always one to avoid washing additional equipment, I found there is no need to blend the chocolate mixture in the blender or food processor. If the chocolate is finely chopped and the hot liquid steeps long enough, a good whisking is all you need to eliminate any lumps.

White Chocolate Clafoutis
via Food Network Canada

Another all time favorite (and deceptively easy) dessert I never grow tired of is the clafoutis. This one, which features white chocolate, is perfect with cranberries in the fall/winter or cherries in the summer which I substitute for the mixed berries to make it more unique.

Luckily as summer fades, I already have a laundry list of fall recipes I’ve been waiting to try. I see lots of brisk Saturdays at the Greenmarket and Sundays in the kitchen in the future!













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